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Holy Mass is held every Friday at 6:30 am followed by one hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. On Saturdays, there are Marian Devotions beginning at 8:00 am. Except for First Saturdays of each Month when from 7:30 am to 8:30 am there is a bigger celebration including Adoration, Confession and the praying of the Rosary. Mass takes place from 8:30 am followed by a light breakfast and fellowship. Our Lady of Montserrat (OLM) Shrine is available for quiet prayer and reflection. All are welcome!


OLM’s Chapel (also referred to as Our Lady’s Room) is located to the left of the main altar and pilgrims from all over Trinidad and Tobago come to visit Our Lady and many prayers have been answered. All leave with a different feeling from when they first entered. Votive candles are available on the site and a prayer/ Donation box is also available. (Prayer requests received online and in person are offered at First Saturday Masses).

The Statue of OLM was recently restored by Citizens for Conservation and very soon the Shrine/Chapel will be also upgraded.

There are plans being formulated to upgrade the cemetery and establish, on the adjacent church lands, a prayer garden and prayer trails with the Stations of the Cross and Rosary “stops”.

Development & Maintenance Projects

Through the intervention of Citizens for Conservation, two members of the Shrine Committee were invited in 2013 to participate in a two-day Heritage Workshop/Seminar organized by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago of the Ministry of National Diversity and Social integration in Collaboration with Citizens for Conservation. At that event, our participants were able to share the OLM experiences and learn from the other participants. In 2014 CFC placed a picture of our church as the month of January on their Calendar.

Thanks to Trinity TV, Heritage Radio and several articles in the Catholic News and other print media, the work of the Shrine Committee has reached a very wide audience even beyond the shores of the Trinidad and Tobago.

There are future plans to have a restaurant, museum, gift shop, book shop and retreat spaces where people can come and relax in our beautiful surroundings. The TDC has offered to train tour guides and hospitality personnel from the Tortuga community.

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