Glen Ghany


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Glen Ghany worships at Tortuga RC church having lived in nearby Gordon Village all of his life. He is married and the proud father of 3 sons.

He is a very proud member of the Shrine Committee devoting his time, talent and treasure to the work of the committee and the development of the Tortuga Worshipping Community. 

Our Lady has been central to his spiritual growth and development bringing him to a better and deeper relationship and understanding of God’s love for his children.  He has had a personal miraculous experience with Our Lady of Montserrat on one of her Feast Days a few years ago.  He was one of four men bearing her statue in Procession when, as they were bringing her image back into the church, the statue became extremely heavy causing the men carrying her to struggle with the weight. This replicates the story of how the location of her Basilica in Catalonia Spain was chosen.  At that moment, Glen knew in his heart that Our Lady is present in the Shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat in Tortuga.  

He leads the Property and Maintenance subcommittee, he is a member of the Safety Subcommittee and he serves on the team responsible for changing her Liturgical robes according to the seasons of the church.